Drone image of a hot air balloon inflating on the Tahoe Flyer in Lake Tahoe

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Know before you book...


Advance reservations are required and must be secured by a credit card. Guest contact information, meeting location and times are confirmed at the time of reservation booking. A confirmation email will be sent with these details once the booking has been made.

Cancelation Policy:

Ballooning is a weather dependent activity. Our number one priority is your safely so if our pilot and captain are not comfortable with the weather on the morning of your flight, they will cancel. You are of course not charged for flights canceled because of inclement weather and we will make every effort to reschedule you which. We will not reimburse for hotels, gas, travel expenses, etc or bump guest from a future sold out date to accommodate guests who's fights have been canceled due to weather. Please keep this in mind before booking. The weather is out of our control. If you cannot accept these terms, then ballooning is not for you.

STANDARD FLIGHT CANCELATIONS: If you wish to cancel your scheduled flight, you must cancel or reschedule a minimum of 72 hours prior to flight date to avoid being charged in-full. There is no penalty for canceling or changing your reservation prior to 72 hours.

VIP FLIGHT CANCELATIONS: All VIP Flights are charged in full at the time of booking. Thirty (30) days prior to your scheduled flight date, your reservation will be locked in and you will not be permitted to change or cancel your reservation. Should you choose to cancel or change your reservation within the 30 days you will lose your deposit. Any cancellations made before 30 days will be refunded in full.

No-shows will be charged in full. If you decided to book a flight that you do not show up for, please expect to be charged for it.

Please Note:

Ballooning is a safe and fun activity for people of all ages, but it is an outdoor adventure and there are some individuals for whom ballooning may not be appropriate. Infants, young children (under the age of 6 yrs), individuals who have done a deep scuba dive within the past few days, and people suffering from chronic pain or who have had recent major surgery, are invited to take part in the “chase” but not the flight itself. Your safety is our primary concern.

If you have a medical problem which could cause discomfort or be aggravated during flight or if you are pregnant, please consult and get the approval of your physician before booking a flight.

Pre-Flight Weather Check-In:

The Lake Tahoe Basin is notorious for poor cell phone signal. Because of this, we ask that everyone call 530-544-1221 from either a land line or cell phone with signal no earlier than an hour prior to their scheduled meeting time and listen to our recorded weather check-in message. We update this line every morning. Should we need to cancel because of inclement weather, reschedules will be booked in the order in which they are received. We will NOT call you to cancel flights the morning of your flight.