Lake Tahoe Hot Air Balloon Flights : Toll Free: 800-872-9294 : Local: 530-544-1221 :

Lake Tahoe hot air balloon flights are available approximately mid May thru mid October by reservation only.

Please join us for this world class experience. The flight is approxamately one hour, but the memories will last a life time!

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Lake Tahoe Balloons

Tahoe Flyer


The Tahoe Flyer is a 21 ton, 120' x 22' foot, two deck, Catamaran Style aircraft carrier vessel. It was specifically designed and built to inflate and launch Hot Air Balloons off of its upper deck. It is currently the only vessel of its type in the World. The Coast Guard mandates specific vessel stability requirements, back-up systems, and other standards which must be met for a vessel to launch and land Hot Air Balloons and carry passengers safely onto Lake Tahoe. All of these requirements have been accommodated in building the Tahoe Flyer and it is fully U.S.C.G. certified to carry 49 passengers and two Hot Air Balloon systems. Traveling at speeds up to 16 mph, the Tahoe Flyer acts as the Hot Air Balloons chase vessel, following the directions of the Balloon as it makes it way around the Lake.

Catching the Balloon and bringing her safely back down onto the upper deck of the Tahoe Flyer is a safe and effortless maneuver and a once in a lifetime sightseeing adventure. Because of the size of the Tahoe Flyer, we are able to carry additional passengers above and beyond those participating in our Hot Air Balloon Flight. We have plenty of room for family, friends, a wedding party, any of those individuals who just want to observe the operations and not actually fly. It has been said by many of our guests that just actually watching the crew and the operations of inflating, launching, landing and deflating, is worth the trip all by itself!

To further accommodate our guests, when you are not participating in the Hot Air Balloon activities on the upper deck, you may enjoy our continental breakfast and view our merchandise all set up on the lower deck. An area for relaxing, private bathroom and comfortable seating are all available to you downstairs.

Lake Tahoe operations are from approximately May thru October.